Earthwise PS40008 Review

Earthwise PS40008 Review    Our rating: 4,5 stars Very good

    Customer rating: 4,5 stars 77+ reviews

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The Earthwise PS40008 is a solid quality electric pole chain saw – effective, quiet and comes with an adjustable head. Like most pole chain saws it has balance problems when fully extended – but it`s still easy to use.

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  • Effective, solid power
  • Quiet
  • Adjustable head

  • Head heavy
  • Type: Electric
  • Reach: 10.2 feet
  • Bar length: 6-7"
  • Weight: 12 pounds


The Earthwise PS40008 is a 6 amp electric pole pruning saw which features an 8 inch bar – the saw is quite small but still offers enough power and handles branches easily.

It isn`t as fast as bigger saws of course but gets the job done effectively, the sound level is also very good.

Working with PS40008

The head can be adjusted in 3 different positions which is a nice bonus. Also the lightweight fiberglass pole is telescopic and offers a solid reach. On the other hand, the grip is not perfect, some kind of sword hilt would be probably better – but that`s no serious problem.

Also it suffers from the same problem as the majority of pole chain saws – most of its weight is located on the end of the pole so it requires some strength when manipulating at full extension


The construction is quite sturdy and the whole tool easy to assemble. It also features an automatic chain oiling which works quite well – you just have to add the oil (it`s not part of the package).

It`s electric so you have to take a cord wherever you want to use it, however it comes with a retention hook to prevent it from disconnecting.

Conclusion:  Earthwise PS40008 offers a solid power and reach, it`s not expensive, quiet and easy to use so we can recommend it to you.

However if you don`t want to deal with the electric cord, check out the cordless Black & Decker LPP120.

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